“When a skilled Korean acupuncturist left Santa Barbara in Jan of 2010, I wondered where I could continue the care that I needed as I was still overcoming a weakened condition that had kept me away from work for a year. When I got the flu in March, I went on line to locate a low cost acupuncture clinic. I started seeing Jennifer at the Downtown Acupuncture Clinic 2-3 times a week to get over the flu. I received such wonderful loving and skilled treatments, that when I was over the flu, I decided to keep working with Jennifer to address some chronic conditions. With her healing prescence and knowledge of Chinese medicine and herbs, I have been making steady progress. I am no longer fatigued in the afternoons. I am regaining my ability to relax more. Overall, I feel stronger physically and mentally.”

– Marjorie S.

“Thanks to Downtown Community Acupuncture I can afford to get frequent treatments at a price that I can afford. They have helped alleviate my seasonal allergies, overcome a few colds, as well as general stress reduction. My boyfriend and I enjoy going to get treatments together! We are so lucky to have a place like DCA open in our community in this tough economic time. They are very friendly and caring and the atmosphere is calming and serene. I always look forward to my next treatment. And their gift certificates make the perfect unique present!”

– Erika M.

“Bad luck. Thats what my time in Santa Barbara has been about….one string of bad occurences after another. The latest involved a severe ankle sprain with torn ligaments, bone contusion, the works. So one day, in my desparate, disabled shape, I stumbled, quite literally, into DCA. I was at the end of my bad luck rope, and in need of something to help me feel a little better. Now, I have had acupuncture with the best of them. Seriously. I had an acupuncturist in my old town who was the dean of PCOM and came from Singapore. So I was actually nervous to try anyone else. I walked in to see this cute space, with multiple chairs…. I wasn’t sure I would like a community setting for my acupuncture, but then I heard the prices – way cheaper than anyone I have ever seen. And i needed to treat with someone reasonable because bad luck, as it turns out, can be quite costly… Anyhow, I digress. The important part is the treatment. I had Dr. Laura help me out. What a great healing personality she has. I mean, to me its not just about poking someone with needles, but really listening to them, and intuitively devising a proper plan for their healing. Dr. Laura not only has a very light touch when needling, she seemed to just sense what was wrong. And whatever she did, it just sent me out of my body and into my happy place for awhile…a much needed respite. The results? It really was amazing. My ankle, which had been swollen for two months, suddenly felt better. A lot better. It looked better. I amazed the physical therapist. He thought I did some magic trick to make the swelling go away so fast. So who knows….maybe finding DCA is a sign that perhaps my luck is finally starting to change…”

– E.K.

“DCA is a beautiful place filled with sweet, knowledgeable, and attentive practicioners. The treatments have helped calm my emotions and have helped heal my physical body. Acupuncture is good medicine, and it’s a wonderful gift to have it offered at an affordable price.”

– Candice D.

“I’m being treated by Tona several times per week for stubborn hip pain. He uses points in my arms and legs to treat my hip! Even after my first treatment, my symptoms were reduced and I feel better and better each time. Tona is very focused, gets right to the center of the problem and works persistently until the pain is reduced. I am grateful for his skill and commitment..”

– Jennifer P.